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What Happens When You’re Soft on Crime

When you’re soft on crime, YOU GET MORE CRIME. And these days, nobody owns softness on crime quite like liberal Democrats.
Just think about a handful of their endeavors in various places around the country:
⛔️ Efforts to “defund the police.” ⛔️ Prosecutors who will not charge criminals until they hit a rather high threshold of crime. ⛔️ Re-categorizations of some truly monstrous offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. ⛔️ “Zero bail” and “no cash bail” policies. ⛔️ A revolving door judicial system, where criminals can go from the street to prison to court and back out on the street within just a few short hours. ⛔️ And there’s even a Democrat in Congress who has literally proposed that we eliminate federal prisons.
You can’t make this stuff up! And you shouldn’t be surprised at the inevitable results:
For example, where I am right now in the Swamp of Washington, D.C., car jackings are now so common that one local TV news station offered tips & tricks for how to act and protect yourself while being carjacked. At least it’s “news you can use,” as the saying goes.
In other liberal cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, district attorneys publicly announced that theft of merchandise valued under $1,000 will not be prosecuted. Well to nobody’s surprise, there are now organized waves of smash & grabs all over those cities, where mobs of criminals are literally walking out with $999 or less of stolen goods, never to be prosecuted.
In Philadelphia, that place is on track for over 500 murders this year, a 55% increase vs. pre-covid levels. Other cities like Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, and dozens of others are reporting similar increases in crime.
Chicago, a big liberal mecca, is just a dumpster fire. They’re likely to surpass 1,000 murders this year with spikes in other crimes as well. While their mayor is on television essentially blaming businesses for the crime surge, their police department just had to cancel a portion of regularly scheduled time off for its officers in order “to address current crime patterns.”
I’ve had enough of the Democrat "wokeness" when it comes to crime! Now more than ever, our nation needs a renewed focus on our safety, the rule of law, and an appreciation for the men & women who keep us safe.