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Attention Criminals...

ATTENTION CRIMINALS: the new district attorney for Manhattan (New York City) is your guy!

His name is Alvin Bragg, and he’s a Democrat prosecutor who was sworn into office this past Saturday. On Monday, two days later, he issued orders to his staff gutting their ability to prosecute crimes. Get a load of some of this:

🟥 “Patronizing a Person for Prostitution” – no longer prosecuted under many circumstances in Manhattan.

🟥 Trespassing – also not prosecuted unless you’re stalking someone or violating a restraining order. You can literally trespass for the sake of trespassing, and will no longer be charged in Manhattan.

🟥 Robbing someone’s HOME while armed with a deadly weapon – that’s a Class C felony in New York, punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Now in Manhattan, that’ll be prosecuted as a lesser offence if you just steal from someone’s storage shed or other part of their home that wasn’t “accessible to a living area.”

🟥 Robbing someone at gunpoint – that’s a Class B felony in New York, punishable by up to 25 years in jail. Now in Manhattan, however, those charges will be downgraded if there was not a “genuine risk of physical harm.”

In other words, you can point a gun at someone’s face while robbing them in Manhattan, and as long as you didn’t “genuinely” intend to pull the trigger, prosecutors have been ordered to downgrade your charges.

This would all be unbelievable if the district attorney’s orders weren’t right there in writing.

Between Democrats’ calls to defund the police and their prosecutors going soft on crime, this is such horrible leadership for our nation!