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Proof of Vaccinations in D.C.

Get ready to show your vaccine passport almost everywhere if you want to visit our nation’s capital.  The D.C. mayor has issued an edict requiring anyone 12 and older to show proof of vaccinations to enter public establishments.  It’s nuts.

Think about the hundreds of thousands of school children visiting D.C. – how’s that going to work? And the burdens placed on businesses, who are already struggling under her leadership.  She’s trying to deputize business owners to enforce this… to their own detriment. 

Other cities like San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City have already gone down the vaccine passport road, with no meaningful impact.  There’s no evidence that D.C. will be any different. Earlier this morning, I led a letter with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) urging the mayor withdraw her misguided order.

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