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One Missed Opportunity After Another

Did any of you watch the State of the Union earlier tonight? It was a spin job like no other.

Not to beat a dead horse, but inflation is at a 40 year high under Biden's watch. His policies have enabled & encouraged more than 2 million people to illegally cross our border in the last year. Violent crime is rising. We're now $30 trillion in national debt, while he wants trillions more for climate and social justice programs. We're facing the consequences of his horribly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Russia has invaded Ukraine, China is eyeballing Taiwan, and Iran wants to pursue nuclear weapons. Do I need to keep going?

The state of our union is not good.

Tonight was an opportunity for the President to pivot. To get truly tough on sanctions for Russia by going after their energy exports. And to reverse his policies that have hamstrung American energy. It was an opportunity for the President to finally get serious on border security. And to lay out a **believable and coherent** plan to address inflation and the myriad of other problems our nation now faces.

None of that was evident tonight in Biden's speech. It was one missed opportunity after another.