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A Russian Nuclear Plant in Iran

Terrible decisions are being made by the White House concerning Iran. I’m so tired of this ineptness.

Everyone needs at least a 30,000’ view of what happening with Iran and how President Biden is handling this situation. Here’s what’s going on…

(1) Iran desperately wants nuclear weapons. Despite what Iran’s sympathizers claim, nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian regime would ultimately be used to terrorize Israel and the West. This is not up for debate. It’s not arguable. It is fact.

(2) Because of this, the world cannot tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. Period. Even the most “dovish” world leaders recognize this.

(3) Iran had been under severe sanctions because of their support for terrorism and pursuit of nuclear weapons. Iran wanted relief, so they entered into an agreement in 2015 known as the JCPOA which, among other things, was supposed to dismantle most of their nuclear program. President Trump had serious problems with that agreement and there’s evidence that Iran had not abandoned its pursuit of nuclear weapons, so Trump withdrew and called for a better, stronger agreement to be constructed.

It is obviously appropriate for President Biden’s administration to continue that work – to try and negotiate better, stronger terms to force Iran to co-exist peacefully without pursuing nuclear weapons.

But here’s the problem…

Reports indicate that as part of those negotiations, Biden is willing to allow Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Iran. RUSSIA! Who on earth thinks that’s a good idea?!

Is Biden honestly going to allow Iran to funnel countless billions of dollars to Russia for that work, which Russia will then use to help fund its genocidal war in Ukraine. Does Biden honestly believe we can trust Vladimir Putin to provide Iran with nuclear energy technology, but not with nuclear weapons technology?

Again, who on earth thinks this is a good idea?! Republicans like me are livid, of course. Even many Democrats are angry at the White House over this.

Currently there are multiple bipartisan efforts underway in Congress right now to correct the President’s missteps here. In fact, I’m co-sponsoring a resolution that opposes engaging with Russia on any level as it pertains to negotiations with Iran.