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Huge Win for First Responders

FIRST RESPONDERS: we had a huge win in the House of Representatives earlier this week.

Almost a year ago, I co-sponsored a bill in the House known as the “Putting First Responders First Act.” The purpose of that bill was to help police, fire and EMS personnel who are injured in the line of duty.

Under existing law, if a first responder is injured on the job and is unable to work, disability compensation is not subject to federal income tax. However, that tax relief applies only until reaching his/her original date of retirement. After that date, disability payments then become subject to income tax, which can often represent a financial burden to those heroes with long-term or career-ending injuries.

So my legislation would help first responders in this situation by exempting ALL disability payments to first responders from federal income tax for the rest of their lives, regardless of retirement age. It also provides the Internal Revenue Service and its auditors with much-needed guidance on the tax-exempt status of these heroes.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that my legislation was recently rolled up into a larger package called the “Securing a Strong Retirement Act” which itself has numerous retirement-related provisions. And this bill passed overwhelmingly in the House earlier this week, with my support.

Being in the minority, it can be difficult to get meaningful legislation through Congress. But I’m thrilled this particular effort is now one step closer to becoming law, and believe it’s least we can do for those who put their lives on the line to serve & protect us all.