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Anti-Life Provisions in Biden's FY23 Budget Proposal

When I have to add eight (8) additional pages to the end of my letter to President Biden... just to accommodate the signatures of all the other Members of Congress who want to co-sign it, you know it's on point.

On Monday, I led a letter that was co-signed by 125 other representatives, taking aim at multiple anti-life and anti-family provisions in Biden's latest budget proposal.

But first, let me pause here for a second…

My intention with these types of posts is never to bring additional emotional pain to those women who have had abortions. There are many, including some I know personally. In fact, I believe we (as Christians) are called to do something special for them: pray and help comfort when able.

With that said, I cannot find common ground with those who argue abortions should be a matter of convenience or birth control. I believe that position is indefensible on countless levels, and I COMPLETELY reject this notion that "men should keep their mouths shut" in this debate.

They should not.

So in his budget proposal, Biden is asking for a 40% increase in funding – a total of $400 million – for the "Title X Family Planning Program." While Title X is not supposed to be used to fund abortions, the program still provides countless millions of dollars in grants to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood for other services. But ultimately those grants help with overhead, HR, and business operations of the entire organization, which indirectly helps them abort unborn children.

Biden also wants a 72% increase in funding for the "United Nations Population Fund." This is an entity connected to nations like China and North Korea, which engage in population control. I'd argue our tax dollars would be better spent elsewhere.

And of course, to nobody's surprise, Biden deliberately omitted in his budget proposal ALL references to the important Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions (except in certain circumstances, like if the mother's life is in jeopardy).

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