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No Apologies

One of the most frightening days of my life was on September 25, 2019. I vividly recall standing helpless in a hospital, breaking down at the first sight of my youngest grandson, Warren, who was born three months premature weighing only 1 pound 15 ounces. At 20 weeks his doctors were hopeful but not optimistic as they explained 22 weeks is the earliest gestational age that doctors consider a baby able to survive outside of the womb. I comforted my wife, I consoled my daughter, and I prayed for young Warren. This child deserved a chance to live and looking at him reminded me of how precious life truly is. Each one of my four adult children and 17 grandchildren is a reminder of that. Young Warren, by the grace of God, is now a healthy and happy two-year-old.

It is striking to me how pro-abortion activists react to a simple question about infanticide, which is obviously not practiced in any setting, medical or otherwise.  These activist always deflect, and will not engage on this question – because by simply admitting that killing a child right after birth is morally repugnant leads to an obvious question they cannot answer, which is: why then is it okay to kill a child before she is born?

Absent a crime or in cases where the health of the mother is in danger, I’m unaware of any defensible answer to that question.

The recent Supreme Court ruling did not outlaw abortion on the federal level, but instead simply remanded abortion policies back to the individual states. While there are certainly situations that warrant special consideration from state legislatures, such as rape and when the life of a mother is in jeopardy, I make no apologies for believing that elective abortion as a method of birth control is morally wrong. It is the killing of an unborn child for the sake of convenience.