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Rep. Ralph Norman Leads Letter to Financial Institution CEOs Concerning Use of Corporate Funds To Pay for Travel Expenses for Employees Seeking Abortions

Washington, D.C., July 21, 2022 | Austin Livingston (803-740-8937)
Tags: Pro-Life
On Wednesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) led a letter to the chief executive officers of eight (8) major U.S. financial institutions concerning their decisions to use corporate funds to pay for travel expenses for employees seeking abortions. This letter was co-signed by 55 other Members of the House of Representatives.

“Your decisions are a deeply troubling announcement not only because it establishes your banks as a public advocate for abortion,” wrote the lawmakers, “but also because of the fiduciary responsibility you have to your shareholders.”
The lawmakers continued, “While travel expenses for legitimate medical issues may be appropriate, we find it outrageous that your new policy also appears to cover travel expenses for abortions as an elective method of birth control. These policies will facilitate the death of unborn children for the sake of convenience, and we find that both reprehensible and immoral.”
This letter implores the leaders of these financial institutions to immediately reconsider such policies, stating that, “by paying for these travel expenses, you are using the money and resources of your investors, your board, and your clientele to allow for abortion procedures to take place when many of these individuals may not wish for their hard-earned dollars to be used for abortions or access to abortions.”
This letter has the support of the Eagle Forum and Americans United for Life. It was sent to the CEOs of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, BNY Mellon, State Street Corporation, and Goldman Sachs.