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Path Forward to Address Biden's Overreach on Student Loans

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Friends, I’m as outraged as I can be over Biden making YOU responsible for other people’s student loan debts.

Of all the things we’ve had to put up with under this administration – skyrocketing inflation, rising violent crime, record levels of illegal immigration, failed foreign policy, on and on – this is just par for the course.

So many constituents have called and written into my office outraged over this. I hear you all. And I’m right there with you. I’m not unsympathetic to those who have student loans, but it is COMPLETELY inappropriate for this president to saddle you with their debts!

I want to make sure everyone understands where we go from here:

First, there will be legislation very soon that will seek to reverse what Biden has done, and also to reaffirm – as Nancy Pelosi said last year – that the President cannot do this. I will almost certainly co-sponsor EVERY one of those bills.

Unfortunately, Democrats are in the majority right now. And there is ZERO chance Pelosi and Democrat leadership will allow these bills to move forward. The bills will die in committee.

When the next term of Congress starts in January, those bills will likely be refiled. And again, I’ll be on board. But even if (when) Republicans take back control of Congress, and even if both the House and Senate pass legislation putting a stop to this, President Biden would still have to sign that bill.

Of course, Biden is NOT going to do that. He’s not going to sign legislation that overturns what he implemented. This is what he wants! So of course he’d veto those bills.

Which means there will not be a legislative solution to this anytime soon. I’ll do everything I can in Congress to stop this madness, but given what I laid out above, this will not be overturned as long as Biden is in the White House.

Instead, the courts need to get involved on this matter quickly. The courts will need to be the one to stop this unconstitutional overreach by the President. There’s already litigation being drafted, soon to be filed. I’ll keep you all updated as this effort moves forward.