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More Thoughts on This Week’s Unconstitutional Overreach by the President

With the stroke of a pen earlier this week, Biden saddled you and other taxpayers with more than $500 billion worth of other people's student loan debt.

First of all, isn’t it funny how Democrats are trying to compare that to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

For those of you who don’t remember, the PPP enabled people to remain employed when the pandemic literally shut down much of the economy.

(1) It was appropriated the proper way, through Congress, not illegally by executive action.

(2) It was available equally to small businesses and the self-employed because, as Congress determined, those were the groups most at risk for job losses during that national emergency.

(3) It was not established after the emergency had been declared over, nor did the PPP target people based on their likely voting preferences.

(4) Everyone knew going in the PPP loans would be forgiven if certain conditions were met. They did not expect to have pay back those loans only to then have then-President Trump try to "forgive" those payments in an illegal vote buying scheme, as Biden is doing now.

I’m just scratching the surface here, but the point is there’s a HUGE difference between the PPP versus Biden offloading other people’s student debt onto you. And it takes a special kind of idiocy to equate the two.

Now with that comparison being completely destroyed, let's keep going. Friends, here is no legal authority for Biden to do this. None. Nor is there any rational or moral justification either. I've covered this ad nauseam in multiple posts this week. His administration has completely distorted and lied about both the letter and the spirit of the “covid emergency” powers.

Other people took out those loans. Other people received the benefit of those dollars. Other people received that education. And it is wildly inappropriate to put you on the hook for their personal debt. It’s just a vote buying scheme using your tax dollars.

*** But do you know what’s not happening?

All these Democrats who are praising this illegal overreach by the President, why aren’t they demanding a vote on this in Congress immediately?!

Liberals control the House, Senate, and the White House. If they were unified, they could pass this into law tomorrow and keep Biden from being slapped down (again) by the courts. So why aren’t there loud calls for legislation in Congress to codify this?!

It's because Democrats know this is hugely unpopular with Americans except for those who have current student loans, which (not coincidently) represent a large Democrat voting block. And they need those voters heading into the mid-terms.

Saddling Americans with other people’s student loan debt is not popular with those who responsibly paid off their loans. It’s not popular with people who will apply for federal student loans in the future – they will not benefit from this. And it’s certainly not popular with the overwhelming majority of Americans who do not have a college education but will now be on the hook to pay for those who do.

Democrats know that, but they don’t want to be on record going into the mid-terms voting for any such bill. Instead, they’d rather Biden take the heat, they’ll benefit from the vote buying scheme, and then after the courts strike it down after the election – when they’re out of the majority – they’ll cry for legislation knowing it’ll fail, and then blame Republicans for blocking it.

It’s all so disingenuous.