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SBA Pro-Life America Voting Record

It is an ongoing fight to combat the radical left and the Biden administration, who are actively working to expand abortion access, resources, and funding. That is why I am proud to have earned an A+ from SBA Pro-Life America for my voting record!

I have and will consistently vote to defend the lives of the unborn. That means that our hard-earned tax dollars should NOT pay for abortions or any expense related to killing the most vulnerable among us. Earlier this Congress, I also introduced H.R. 632, the Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act, which would require states to accurately report abortion data to the CDC as a prerequisite to receive funds from Medicaid.

The right to life is the foundation upon which all other rights are built. This is why I will continue to defend the lives of children in the womb and stand up to the radical left's pro-abortion agenda.

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