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Don't Be Surprised

Rock Hill, SC, May 8, 2020

This Friday afternoon, top-ranking liberals in the House of Representatives are trying to finalize a 5th piece of COVID-19 legislation. They’ve nicknamed it “CARES 2” to coattail on the popularity of the original CARES Act, which passed overwhelmingly in late March.

This is unfortunately not the bi-partisan effort it should be. Negotiations are taking place behind the scenes and most of what we’re hearing is third-hand information. But if the speculation is correct:

🔸 This bill will approach another $2 TRILLION with no offsets and no reductions in spending anywhere.

🔸 It will likely include additional funds for state and local governments. In case you missed my post earlier this week on “unrestricted aid,” many states would simply use this money to support & sustain decades of fiscal mismanagement.

🔸 There’s no mention of any legal liability protections for businesses that are working to safeguard their employees and customers, and trying hard to follow applicable COVID-19 guidelines.

🔸 It will almost certainly have a litany of other “big and bold” things not directly related to our battle against the pandemic.

While all this is speculation until we see the actual text, don’t be surprised to find a small handful of good provisions drowning in a sea of spending and big-government endeavors that have no place in this legislation. Stay tuned for details as they become available…

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