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They Just Said No

You just need to listen to this short video to understand the frustration of Republicans right now in Congress. This is Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), who has worked tirelessly on a new bill in the Senate called the Justice Act, which will help improve relationships and transparency between law enforcement and those they serve.

Earlier today, Democrats BLOCKED debate on this bill. They didn't block a final vote on the legislation, mind you. Instead, this was just a motion to allow Sen. Scott's bill to be debated and amended. 60 votes were required to clear this hurdle, and there are only 53 Republicans in the Senate.

Democrats said NO.

They could have at least allowed for debates and amendments, while reserving the right to vote against the final product if they weren't satisfied.

But Democrats still said NO.

Senator Scott even tried to work with liberals to figure out what they wanted. At first, they said five changes. Then five became twenty. Sen. Scott said, "Okay, let's put 20 amendments on the table and debate them."

But Democrats still said NO.

*** As Sen. Scott correctly points out, it's not what's in the Justice Act that Democrats object to. Instead, they object to WHO is proposing the bill, and the fact that person is a Republican. That's what Democrats cannot stand, and that’s why they have torpedoed this important effort in the Senate.

Stay tuned for more information about this soon…

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