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They Will Have My Support and Respect

Incredibly, calls to “defund the police” are actually gaining traction in dozens of cities with far-left local governments.

For example, the Minneapolis City Council voted to eliminate their police department, but still hasn’t identified how citizens will be kept safe.  New York City is taking steps to cut over $1 billion from its police, with similar efforts now underway in cities like Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others.

Just think about that.  They’re trying to somehow maintain peace and order by eliminating the ONLY people in our society sworn to uphold the law: our police.  I will never understand that logic, and I think we’re in serious trouble if this movement gains traction here in South Carolina.

This goes without saying, but the VERY small minority of officers who disregard our laws must be held to account.  I’m all ears on legitimate efforts to improve trust, respect, and accountability between police and those they serve.  But those conversations cannot begin with the false premise that police should be defunded or abolished.  The focus should be how we improve that bond, not how to get rid of it. 

As your Congressman, I will ALWAYS stand behind the countless officers who serve their communities with honor and integrity.  These brave men and women are the only people willing to put their lives on the line to protect my family and yours.

For that reason, they WILL have my support and respect.