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Promoting Safety and Security

Washington, D.C., July 9, 2020

To help promote safety and security, I’ve signed on as a co-sponsor to two excellent bills in the House.

The first piece of legislation will put a hold on federal funding to local governments that allow these so-called “autonomous zones” within their jurisdictions. (This is H.R. 7285.) Seattle is a prime example of this nonsense. There, a six-block radius was essentially confiscated by anarchists, far-left protesters, Antifa and others. And police were ordered to stand down!! Similar efforts have tried to gain traction in other cities.

I’ve no interest in obstructing peaceful protests, obviously. This bill simply tells local governments that if they want federal support, then they need to step up and protect homes, businesses, and citizens against these lawless mobs. Or more simply stated, “Just do your job!”

The second bill is fresh loff the printer. In fact, it’s so new it doesn’t have a bill number yet, but it’s called the “No RIOT Act.” Among other things, this legislation stiffens penalties for assaulting a law enforcement officer during a riot. It also tightens up laws to cover using social media as a tool to incite riots.

I will always defend our rights to assemble, peacefully protect, and efforts to petition the government for needed change. But let me be clear: rioting, lawlessness, and attacks on our law enforcement officers have NO place in our society.

I’m FED UP with it, and judging by the volume of calls and emails on this issue, I know many of you are too.

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