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The Wrong Focus

Last night, Nancy Pelosi sent notice to her Democrat colleagues that later today (Monday), she’ll seek unanimous approval for a resolution that would “call on Vice President Pence to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment” to remove President Trump from office.

With 10 days left in his presidency.

Three points on this resolution: (A) She won’t get unanimous consent. (B) While it may pass mostly along party lines with a full vote, resolutions carry no weight of law, and (C) Mr. Pence certainly isn’t taking directives on the 25th Amendment from House Democrats. Mrs. Pelosi knows this resolution is pointless, but true to form, she’s simply not going to pass up an opportunity to spite the President.

Her real focus, however, is on a separate front. This week, House Democrats will try and impeach the President. Again.

With TEN DAYS left in his presidency.

This is absolutely the wrong focus given the effort to quell the unrest and provide for a smooth transition before inauguration next week. And I believe those who will celebrate the road Mrs. Pelosi and House Democrats are about to take, do so out of vitriol and contempt, not because they believe our nation will be better for it.