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Everything That’s Honorable and Compassionate and Decent About Our Law Enforcement Officers

If there’s one photo that captures everything that’s honorable and compassionate and decent about our law enforcement officers, it’s this one.

Tyler Terry is a suspect in multiple murders here in South Carolina and Missouri. After opening fire on a Chester County Sheriff’s Deputy during a high-speed pursuit back on May 17th, a weeklong manhunt ensued. Over 300 officers from numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies assisted in the search, which ultimately led to Terry’s capture and arrest yesterday. Neither Terry nor any officer was injured, thank God.

Enduring a 7-day manhunt for someone who had allegedly killed four people and recently tried to take the life of one of your fellow officers is stress that most of us probably cannot imagine. And yet when it was over, before the adrenaline had faded, Terry was cared for exactly the way we would expect, with a medical evaluation and fluids.

This is who our law enforcement officers are. And this is why they will ALWAYS have my support and respect.

There’s no shortage of people who believe our police should be “defunded” to varying degrees. In fact, there are more than a few Democrats in Congress who honestly believe this. But they have NO ANSWER when asked who would track down the next Tyler Terry, or who would answer the call next time they need help. People who think we need to defund our police are miserably wrong.

God bless every man and woman who walks the thin blue line.

(Photo Credit: unconfirmed, but believed to be the Chester County Sheriff's Department.)