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Weak on Crime Mayor Sent Packing

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Good news overnight for those who support law enforcement and care about safe communities. Lori Lightfoot, the embattled mayor of Chicago, was sent packing by voters in yesterday’s mayoral election. Crime in that city is no joke. With only two exceptions, EVERY category of crime had increased under Lori Lightfoot’s watch by significant margins. Overall, crime in Chicago was 20% higher…

Voting to Block Misguided ESG Ruling

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Your retirement money should NOT be used to help advance the left's climate and social agenda. Later today, I'll be voting to help prevent that from happening. Here’s what you need to know: There’s a liberal movement in investing and business known as “ESG.” That stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. It’s a form of virtue signaling where company leaders invest money and…

Monday Afternoon Update

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2.27 Winter Session

Over the next seven weeks, the House is scheduled to be in session a whopping… 14 days. Oh, not to mention we’re just now heading back to D.C. today after being home for the last two weeks. *** This further illustrates how utterly ridiculous it was for some Republicans to have been angry at me and 19 others for negotiating during the House Speaker’s vote back in January. They literally…

Passports and International Travel

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION February 2023 Update - There are currently extensive delays at the U.S. State Department in processing passport applications. If you are considering international travel requiring a passport anytime in the foreseeable future, please continue reading for critical information:   When to Contact Rep. Norman's Office for Help Expediting Your Passport  If…

Jaw Dropping Report from the CBO

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There was a jaw dropping report yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). They issued a very alarming update which reaffirms what I’ve been saying about our out-of-control spending and national debt. First, let’s make sure we have two terms properly defined: deficit vs. debt. This year, your federal government will spend $1.4 trillion more than it takes in through tax…

More Objects Taken Down

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The bottom line is we still know VERY LITTLE about these spy balloons. Right now, it’s easier to discuss what we ~don’t~ know rather than what we do. Not helping matters is President Biden, who has been out to lunch concerning these intrusions. Why is this important? I can’t recall a time in history when our military has shot down a foreign object over the continental United States. In…

Reaction to Last Night's State of the Union

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I need to point this out, because it was completely ignored in the mainstream media’s analysis after the State of the Union address last night. Forget the slurred speech, forget the missing words, forget the awkward reactions when Republicans jeered at his blatant lies. Forget all that. My biggest takeaway from last night was Biden’s desire for TRILLIONS of dollars’ worth of new…

Tonight's State of the Union Address

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I’m not expecting much from the State of the Union address tonight. We’ll hear a lot of platitudes and cherry-picked statistics, but nothing meaningful in terms of policy or vision. If you’re inclined to tune in to President Biden’s remarks tonight, I’d invite you to keep these facts in the back of your mind: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: 4.5 million people have illegally crossed our southern…

Alarming Chinese Surveillance

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News about this Chinese surveillance balloon currently hovering over the continental United States is yet ANOTHER alarming development from the communist regime. China is claiming it's a benign balloon intended for scientific research, which just happened to float over into our airspace. The problem is that very little that government claims can be trusted. And the time for China to…

Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act of 2023

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The reality is we have no idea how many abortions are actually performed each year in this country. States are asked to provide these numbers to the federal government, but they are not required to do so. Which allows states like California and Maryland to intentionally withhold this data. Meanwhile, these states have no problem using federal tax dollars for family planning services.…