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Spending Cuts and Debt

What to Watch

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Here’s the preview of coming attractions with this debt ceiling. It’s been five days since the House passed the “Limit, Save, Grow Act.” Remember, that’s the Republican bill to safely reduce federal spending while dealing with our debt ceiling.   Now many people are wondering what the Senate will do, since the ball is now in their court. But friends, don’t worry about the…

Transparency with Your Tax Dollars

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I just reintroduced a bill in the House to help shed some more light on where your tax dollars are spent. It’s called the COST Act, which stands for “Cost Openness and Spending Transparency.” This bill will force the public disclosure of how federal dollars are distributed. Here’s how it works:   As we all know, the federal government relies on hundreds of companies,…

Rep. Ralph Norman Introduces the Cost Openness and Spending Transparency (COST) Act

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On Thursday, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) introduced the Cost Openness and Spending Transparency (COST) Act. This legislation will require public disclosure of the total cost to taxpayers for every project supported with federal funds.   The COST Act is co-sponsored by Rep. Nancy Mace (SC-1), Rep. William Timmons (SC-4), and Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-9). This is a…

Update on Debt Ceiling Talks

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I’ll be on a plane today heading back to D.C. for what’s sure to be an exhausting week in Congress. The debt ceiling is going to be one of the bigger issues front & center… Remember: for the longest time, your elected officials in Washington have spent more money than the government was able to take in. Republicans and Democrats alike have all had a detestable spending problem.…

Cuts for the Upcoming Debt Ceiling Negotiations

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Freedom Caucus Press Conference

Today, the Freedom Caucus held a press conference to outline the cuts we're seeking as part of the upcoming debt ceiling discussions. We're talking about easy, no-brainers like: 🔴 Rolling back Biden’s terrible $80 billion IRS expansion. 🔴 Ending Biden’s unlawful $400 billion student loan bailout; 🔴 Clawing back ALL unobligated funds that were allocated for Covid but never…

Pay Attention to His Language

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Pay close attention to President Biden’s language today. He’s going to claim his new budget proposal will reduce deficits by $3 trillion over the next 10 years, and the mainstream media will dutifully report that as a great thing. But you need to understand what’s going on here.   First of all, the President’s budget proposal is just that: a proposal. It’s dead on arrival in…

Remarks at CPAC

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It was an honor be part of a special forum this morning at CPAC with Rep. Scott Perry, where we covered a wide variety of important issues facing Congress. The weaponization of government, border security, the Speaker's election, China, and more... nothing was off limits. Give a listen!

Monday Afternoon Update

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2.27 Winter Session

Over the next seven weeks, the House is scheduled to be in session a whopping… 14 days. Oh, not to mention we’re just now heading back to D.C. today after being home for the last two weeks. *** This further illustrates how utterly ridiculous it was for some Republicans to have been angry at me and 19 others for negotiating during the House Speaker’s vote back in January. They literally…

Jaw Dropping Report from the CBO

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There was a jaw dropping report yesterday from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). They issued a very alarming update which reaffirms what I’ve been saying about our out-of-control spending and national debt. First, let’s make sure we have two terms properly defined: deficit vs. debt. This year, your federal government will spend $1.4 trillion more than it takes in through tax…

Reaction to Last Night's State of the Union

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I need to point this out, because it was completely ignored in the mainstream media’s analysis after the State of the Union address last night. Forget the slurred speech, forget the missing words, forget the awkward reactions when Republicans jeered at his blatant lies. Forget all that. My biggest takeaway from last night was Biden’s desire for TRILLIONS of dollars’ worth of new…