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Alphabet Soup - COVID Edition

Omicron Variant of COVID-19

Five points about this new “variant of concern” called Omicron.

1. Omicron probably won’t be the last variant of concern. It certainly wasn’t the first. Compare the media coverage of Omicron that’s based on known facts versus raw speculation, and don’t be surprised when it’s mostly the latter.

2. We’re 20+ months into this pandemic. Adults know the risks by now. They know what to expect, and they should make their own decisions concerning vaccines, public gatherings, masks, etc.

3. A government nanny state wasn’t the answer last year. It wasn’t the answer with Delta. It isn’t the answer with Omicron. And it won’t be the answer with other variants to come.

4. Despite the hyperbolic claims of a very small number of people, blood is not “on my hands” for opposing government mandates and lockdowns! I will continue to fight these.

5. And finally, for those who are contemplating or worried about vaccinations, the ABSOLUTE LAST people you should to be listening to are celebrities, media talking heads, most journalists, or yes – politicians. This is a medical issue and you ought to be relying on the advice of medical professional(s) you trust.