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Anthony Fauci needs to go

Anthony Fauci needs to resign or be fired. For the sake of our country, and to preserve what little trust remains in public health authorities, he needs to go.

- It’s not just his strong dissent of the lab leak theory, despite evidence to the contrary.

- It’s more than his early assertions that Covid-19 was of natural origin, despite later evidence making that statement inconclusive.

- It’s not just his infamous “noble lie” early in the pandemic concerning masks for the general public.

- It’s more than the “gain of function” research his agency appeared to have funded, indirectly through a series of grants, despite his insistence otherwise.

- It’s not just advising churchgoers against singing back in 2020 – because of droplets from their elevated voices. And it’s more than his refusal to make any such recommendation for the swarms of rioters and protestors that summer.

- It’s more than the way he’s shunned treatments that, if given early enough to infected patients, could be an effective remedy. Doctors and other medical professionals were ridiculed in the news and LITERALLY BANNED from social media for talking about these measures, based largely on Fauci’s point of view.

- And it’s more than his stunning admission to CNN last week. Remember when the quarantine period was 14 days? Then 10? We were told that was based on science, so you’d think science would have driven the CDC’s recent decision to reduce quarantine to just 5 days, right? Nope. Fauci said it’s so “we don’t have so many people out” sick. In other words, economic reasons. Just imagine if our economy had played ANY ROLE in his thought process prior to now.

This is a post that could go on for a mile, but I’ll end here by saying Fauci has lost the confidence and trust of the American public. It’s time for him go.