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So...has Biden ended COVID yet?

The man literally campaigned on stomping out Covid. “I will end this,” said Biden during the presidential campaign.

Alright... so how are things going 11 months into his presidency?

Well, if his own words are any indication, “There is no federal solution,” he finally admitted on Monday, “This gets solved at a state level.” Then he jetted off to vacation in Delaware.

First of all, imagine the full-blown media MELTDOWN we’d be seeing if Trump had uttered those words and then boarded a plane for Florida.

Second, Biden’s not wrong! Covid is not something the federal government is capable of “solving.” With the President finally having acknowledged that, it’s now time for him to back off his federal vaccine mandates – both for our military service-members and OSHA employee rules. Adults know the risks by now. They know what to expect, and they should make their own decisions concerning vaccines, public gatherings, masks, etc. A government nanny state will never be the answer.

And third, “no federal solution” does not mean “no federal responsibilities.” His own CDC has put out mixed messages as recently as last week. He’s failed to deliver on promises of widespread availability for rapid in-home testing kits. And now we have reports of supply shortages of monoclonal antibody treatments. Meanwhile, his cohorts continue to demonize almost every other therapy/remedy that may reduce hospitalizations and deaths. The list goes on.

It is correct that there’s only so much a President can do, despite what he promised as a candidate. Unfortunately, Biden’s handling of Covid has been as inept as his handling of Afghanistan, inflation, illegal immigration, energy, China & Russia aggressions, etc.