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Two Important Pieces This Week

Here’s a quick recap of two important pieces of news this week:

FIRST, the Supreme Court slapped down Biden’s vaccine mandate yesterday. The President was trying to implement this through OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration), which would have affected more than 80 million American workers and placed massive compliance burdens on countless businesses.

The Court was looking at Biden’s actions from a legal perspective, and obviously found them to be unconstitutional. No surprise there, but more than constitutionality, it is UNETHICAL for any President to use the force of government to compel someone else to choose between her livelihood versus a vaccine she may not want (or onerous testing).

The Supreme Court did allow a mandate to stand for medical facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid payments. Those circumstances were different than Biden’s unconstitutional OHSA mandate, and I’ll link to the Court’s opinion in the comments below for those interested in reading more.

SECOND, the “urgent” effort by Democrats for a federal takeover of elections appears to have fallen apart yesterday. Democrats needed to change longstanding rules in the Senate to enable this bill to move forward with fewer than the required 60 votes. They lacked the support to change those rules, thanks to Republicans and (only) two Democrat senators who stood firm on the value & importance of the Senate’s filibuster, which is designed to protect those in the minority.

The Senate is split 50-50. The House is 221-212 in favor of Democrats. So remember this:

Every. Single. Democrat in the House of Representatives – and all but two in the Senate – were willing to weaken voter ID, legalize ballot harvesting in states where it’s been outlawed, fund federal campaigns with public funds, plus a host of other things.

And because they couldn’t defend the merits of this bill, they tried to gaslight the American people into believing those who opposed were racists, anti-Democratic, and in favor of voter suppression. It’s all so predictable. For case in point, look no further than Biden’s own speech in Georgia earlier this week.

Are there steps to address voter experience, wait times, etc.? Perhaps, but our Constitution makes it clear that’s a state issue, not federal.

Would this bill have weakened election integrity across the country? Absolutely, so it needed to go down in embarrassing defeat.