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Good News on Omicron

Good news: data shows Omicron is fading fast. Infection rates are down sharply. Hospitalizations for Covid are also dropping. Deaths seem to have plateaued and should hopefully start falling soon. This is excellent news.

It’s also great to see liberal states like Oregon, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware lifting mask mandates for school children. Even California, the bastion of obnoxious government, is ending its indoor mask mandate. (Funny how that works during an election year.)

Here’s an easy prediction:

This summer, cases are likely to gradually rise again in hot southern states, as more people stay indoors. For the few who still pay attention to our mainstream media, you’ll hear many “journalists” try to pin that increase on Republican politicians. They’re as predictable as they are deliberately bias.

Here’s another easy prediction:

History will not judge kindly those who still – in 2022 – continue to advocate for overbearing government, mandates, and even lockdowns.

We’re almost two years into this pandemic. We all know what to expect, and we all should be able to make our own decisions concerning vaccines, public gatherings, masks, etc. It’s good to see things gradually moving in that direction.