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Victory for 2A and Privacy Rights

Good news. Earlier today, Visa & MasterCard both announced a "pause" in their plans to track the sale of gun and ammunition purchases. This is a BIG WIN for our 2nd Amendment and privacy rights, but this fight is far from over.
Here's what's going on:
Many of the products or services you purchase have what's known as a "merchant category code." It's usually a four digit number. For example, a restaurant purchase might be coded as 5812. Children's clothing, 5641. Etc.
When you pay for a purchase with a credit card, those codes can be transmitted from the retailer back to your credit card company. And if we're being honest, the banks then turn around and sell that data to marketers.
Anyway, Visa & MasterCard were trying to create new codes for firearms and ammunition. Which is problematic because first of all, if you purchase those items THAT'S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. And second of all, this data collection is akin to a gun registry, which is entirely inappropriate.
The reason they "paused" implementing this new code is because several states have put up roadblocks on 2nd Amendment grounds, which would make implementation a problem across the board. So to be clear...
Visa & MasterCard didn't come to their senses and realize the error of their ways. If fact, they didn't even announce a rollback of that effort, only a "pause." No, the only reason Visa & MasterCard have stopped is because individual states have stood in their way.
🇺🇸 Thanks God for states' rights. And for our 2nd Amendment. 🇺🇸