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You Cannot Suspend Constitutional Rights

New Mexico’s governor apparently believes she can suspend constitutional rights.  She’s about to be proven wrong.

I’m talking about Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who signed an order Friday suspending the lawful possession of firearms in public places around Albuquerque for the next 30 days. This, following some truly horrific gun violence recently. 

I want to be very clear and careful here.  The loss of innocent life at the hands of cold-blooded murderers is outrageous.  Several children were among the more recent victims in Albuquerque, making it even more heartbreaking.

Pay careful attention to how the governor responded here. Does she call for tougher prosecutions of criminals, which we know would help thwart more deadly crimes down the line?  Nope.  Does she ask for resources to hire more law enforcement officers?  Nope. Does she question what impact her state’s wide-open, recreational marijuana use may have on criminal activity?  Of course not.

Instead, her reaction is to try to strip away the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. I’m sorry, but that’s not the way it works! When murderers kill, you don’t get to strip away everyone else’s constitutional rights under the guise of a “public health emergency.” When you’ve failed to provide the law enforcement and prosecutorial resources to reduce violent crime, you don’t get to tell law abiding citizens they can’t defend themselves.

This order by the New Mexico Governor is already being widely criticized, even by members of her own party. It will almost certainly meet a quick injunction and be ruled unconstitutional in court.  Prior to that, no law enforcement officer in that state should enforce this clear violation of the 2nd Amendment.