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My Thoughts on ATF's Stabilizing Braces Policy

Supporting our 2nd Amendment, I just voted in favor of an important bill in the House. This is H.J. Res 44, for those who have reached out to my office.

At issue was a highly inappropriate overreach by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). Without authorization by Congress, the ATF has implemented a policy that reclassifies pistols with stabilizing-brace attachments as "short-barreled rifles," which under many circumstances are illegal to own.

These stabilizing braces are very important for many in the disabled community to safely use their firearms. This is especially true for many disabled veterans, who have trouble firing some pistols without the assistance of these braces.

Of course, these braces obviously don't change pistols into short-barreled rifles. But by executive fiat, the Biden Administration just arbitrarily reclassified those firearms. It's yet another example of the hostility this president has towards our 2nd Amendment rights.

So today's bill in the House would utilize the Congressional Review Act to rescind this terrible ATF policy. It doesn't stand much of a chance in the Democrat-run Senate, and is certainly not something Biden would sign. Ultimately we're going to need a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In the meantime, Republicans in the House need to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear when it comes to our Constitutional rights.