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Unlike Any Other State of the Union Address

Two totally different worlds – two completely different mindsets – were on full display last night. It was unlike any other State of the Union address I’ve seen, either in person or on TV.

There were a couple of themes to the President’s address. First, he took a well-deserved victory lap on numerous fronts: from the economy & trade to our military & war on terror. We must always continue to find ways to improve, but clearly a lot is going very well for our nation right now.

And second, he took the opportunity to elevate several incredible people that were his guests in the House gallery. Some facing unbearable heartbreak, others with exceptional accomplishments. Some facing adversity, others having overcome it. All great Americans.

Meanwhile, we had Democrats SITTING ON THEIR HANDS while the rest of the chamber (and nation) applauded things like our booming economy, major trade wins, record-low unemployment, new federal judges, regulatory cuts, soaring stock market, and military improvements. They couldn’t even manage to applaud energy independence or the success of minorities. It’s unbelievable.

Then, at the end, to see Nancy Pelosi tear up her copy of the President’s speech was atrocious. Yet it also revealed what must be multiple layers of her frustration, knowing that many of the nation’s accomplishments over the last three years have been despite Democrats’ efforts in Congress, not because of them.