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This Week in Congress

Washington, D.C., July 21, 2020

Three topics on my appearance this morning on Fox News:

First up – liberals introduced a bill in Congress to limit the President's ability to mobilize federal police forces in riot-ravaged cities. πŸ”· My response: these are NOT peaceful protests, and the folks in Congress who don't think help is needed to restore law & order are completely tone deaf to what's happening.

Topic #2 starts at 01:18 – Another round of coronavirus legislation, with Democrats and Republicans at odds over what's needed. πŸ”· My response: the government's role is to provide a lifeline, NOT a way of life. Legislation needs to focus on getting our nation back on its feet, not sustaining a continued shutdown for political gain.

Topic #3 starts at 03:03 – the House is scheduled to vote on a bill to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol. πŸ”· My response: I actually have a better bill that would require two-thirds of a state's delegation in Congress to sign-off before their state's statues could be removed.  It’s a much more appropriate way to handle this issue. (More info will be posted about this soon.)

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