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Free Flow of Sensitive and Classified Research

A man named Anming Hu was arrested and is to face trial for wire fraud and lying to U.S. authorities. He was a scientist at the Univ. of Tennessee, participating in federally funded research on nanotechnologies.

The problem, however, is that he was also privately running a similar operation over in China. He's accused of hiding this inconvenient fact from U.S. authorities. All this means that this guy was able to funnel our nation's intellectual property over to the Chinese government.

This happens all too frequently. There's essentially a free flow of sensitive and classified research funded by American taxpayers into the possession of our global competitors and adversaries. And communist China is one of the worst offenders.

That's why I recently introduced legislation on this front, which would require that visa sponsors notify the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whenever a visa recipient participates in federally funded research. And it also gives DHS the ability to revoke that visa if the individual is considered to be a risk to homeland security, national security, or the research integrity of his/her sponsor.

You can read more about my bill here:

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