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Rep. Norman Issues Statement on the Tragic Loss of Dr. Robert & Barbara Lesslie and Two Grandchildren

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On Thursday morning, Rep. Norman issued the following statement in reaction to the loss of Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, Barbara, and their grandchildren, Adah and Noah. "I cannot begin to describe the heartache and pain Elaine and I are feeling this morning, as we mourn the tragic loss of Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, Barbara, and their grandchildren, Adah, and Noah. "Robert and Barbara were clos... Read more »

So Tired of “Woke” Companies

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I’m so tired of “woke” companies. Major League Baseball (MLB) is the latest example. Reacting in cowardly fear to a little phony liberal outrage, MLB decided to move this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver because of Georgia’s new election integrity law. This would have been a major event for Georgia, bringing tens of millions of dollars in economic activity to that state. Now, it’s yet a... Read more »

Government Has No Business Issuing Vaccine Passports

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Government has no business issuing vaccine passports. I’m not okay with a society where someone has to “show their papers” just to go about their everyday life. Earlier today, I joined other Republicans from the South Carolina delegation in the House of Representatives in a letter to SC Gov. Henry McMaster encouraging him to stay the course in opposing these vaccine passports. I'll continue to opp... Read more »

A Cowardly, Ridiculous Decision by MLB

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What a cowardly, ridiculous decision by Major League Baseball to move the 2021 draft and All Star Game out of Atlanta. We’re now living in an era where liberal “wokeness” and virtue signaling are more important than truth and reality. Any honest assessment of the improvements Georgia is making to its voting laws debunks Every. Single. Lie. that Democrats are claiming. We’ll get into some details ... Read more »

A Trojan Horse

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After weeks of speculation, the veil was finally lifted this morning on Biden’s next massive spending plan. Yes, this is different than the $1.9 trillion Democrats rammed through last month. It’s on top of the extra $6 trillion we spent last year alone. And yes, this will be in addition to what it normally costs to operate the federal government. This proposal is being pitched around infrastructur... Read more »

For Those Who Think Corporations Should Pay More Taxes

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Reminder for those who think "corporations should pay more" taxes: Corporations ultimately don't pay taxes. People do! What you're asking for will ALWAYS come from either: Customers paying higher prices Employees receiving lower wages Investors earning less on their investment, which includes just about every American saving for retirement. So when you hear about President Biden and Congressional... Read more »

Continue, Consolidate, or Abolish

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Have you ever looked at a recurring charge on your credit card statement and thought, “I’m not using this anymore; it’s time to cancel.” Or have you ever received a renewal invoice in the mail for a service you no longer use? It usually ends up in the trash, right? Most of us don’t continue to pay for things we no longer need. However, that mentality is nowhere to be found inside our bloated fede... Read more »

IRS Delays

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"When will I receive my stimulus payment?' "What about my tax refund?" My staff and I are receiving a lot of these questions lately, and there are no easy answers. The long & short of it is (A) we don’t have any information that isn’t already available to you individually, and (B) we cannot make the IRS to expedite either of these. The problem is that the IRS is seriously backlogged right now. Man... Read more »

An "Undisclosed East Room Session"

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REPORT: “President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America.” This was the leading paragraph of a news article this morning predicting what’s to come. Naturally the question is, what other “historic changes” could they have been talki... Read more »

The Biggest Surge in 20 Years

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EVERY BIT of the renewed problems along our southern border is the doing of Joe Biden and congressional Democrats. This is 100% on them. We are now facing the biggest surge of illegal immigration in the last 20 years, according to the Dept. of Homeland Security. The resulting humanitarian crisis, the $86 million now being spent on HOTEL ROOMS for some detainees, the inundated Border Patrol, the d... Read more »

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