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One-Way Ticket to a Socialistic Welfare State

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The agenda outlined by President Biden on Wednesday night is a one-way ticket to a socialistic welfare state with astronomical taxes, and government encroaching on every aspect of our lives. His vision for our nation involves growing the size of almost every corner of the federal government. (With the exception of our military, to nobody’s surprise.) There’s simply no room to talk about “unity” an... Read more »

An "Undisclosed East Room Session"

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REPORT: “President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America.” This was the leading paragraph of a news article this morning predicting what’s to come. Naturally the question is, what other “historic changes” could they have been talki... Read more »

The Biggest Surge in 20 Years

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EVERY BIT of the renewed problems along our southern border is the doing of Joe Biden and congressional Democrats. This is 100% on them. We are now facing the biggest surge of illegal immigration in the last 20 years, according to the Dept. of Homeland Security. The resulting humanitarian crisis, the $86 million now being spent on HOTEL ROOMS for some detainees, the inundated Border Patrol, the d... Read more »

Voting Against Two Amnesty Bills

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I’m heading to Washington this (Tuesday) morning to vote against two amnesty bills in the House of Representatives. These are part of Joe Biden’s immigration agenda, and would create a pathway to citizenship for five MILLION illegal immigrants. Let’s back up a second and remind ourselves that since Biden was elected, illegal border crossings have skyrocketed. Why? Because the President stopped con... Read more »

What other conclusion could there be?

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At this point, is it safe to assume liberals actually want an immigration crisis along our southern border? What other conclusion could there be? In just the last several weeks, the Biden Administration has stopped construction of the border wall, suspended the removal of most people with active deportation orders, canceled our policy requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims... Read more »

Rep. Ralph Norman and Rep. Joe Wilson Applaud Closing of Confucius Institute at the University of South Carolina

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Earlier today, the Board of Trustees at the University of South Carolina announced the closure of the Confucius Institute (CI) on their campus. Recently, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) and Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-2) have called on the University to take this action, and have been supported by Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-3), Rep. Tom Rice, (SC-7), Rep. William Timmons (SC-4), and Rep. Nancy Mace (SC-1). Since 2004,... Read more »

No Surprises Here

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No surprises here. Let’s run through some of President Biden’s executive orders during his first week in office. These are campaign promises he’s making good on – we knew they’d be coming. PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT: It’s basically a sham. There’s no objective standard – each country gets to define what it wants to do. Countries can lie six ways from Sunday about whether they’re actually reaching th... Read more »

Press Release: Rep. Ralph Norman to Join Homeland Security Committee

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On Tuesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), was selected to serve on the Homeland Security Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Homeland Security Committee handles legislation and oversight related to U.S. security, including counterterrorism, border security, cybersecurity, infrastructure protection, transportation and maritime security, as well as emergency preparedness. Rep. Norman iss... Read more »

More Fallout from Day One

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More fallout from Day #1 of the Biden Administration. We need some quick answers on this. One of the things Mr. Biden did last week was place a 100-day moratorium on most deportations. Over 14,000 illegal immigrants had been in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Of those, more than 70% have either been charged with, or convicted of, other crimes. (By “other” I mean i... Read more »

New Bill: No Funds to China's Military Act

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Let’s say a government-controlled company started selling televisions at crazy low prices all over the world. Like a huge 4K flat screen for under $50 – many hundreds of dollars less than every other TV on the market. Let’s say the televisions work well and had great reviews, and because that government is subsidizing the cost, no other company could come close to those low prices. How long would... Read more »

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