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Over $13,000 Per Occurrence?!

So yesterday, Biden released details of his new vaccine mandate. Get this: if you work in a company that employs more than 100 people, he’s literally plans on having government agents inspect your business for compliance.

According to Biden’s new rules, starting in January, your company must either have a policy mandating you be vaccinated, or a policy requiring you to be tested weekly if you choose not to be vaccinated. And non-compliance – or lapses in your compliance – could cost over $13,000 PER OCCURANCE.

For those who are wondering, YES, I’ve co-sponsored EVERY piece of legislation I can find to fight Biden on this. But Democrats control Congress, so no, I don’t believe they’ll ever allow votes to be held on these efforts. (Plus Biden would simply veto.)

This means efforts to push back need to come from elsewhere, not Congress.

I’m very pleased that SC Governor McMaster has ordered state agencies to stand down from enforcing this mandate. In the short term, there’s a ton of litigation ramping up over this latest overreach by Biden. It’s important for the courts to weigh in on this before federal inspectors come knocking at your place of work.

Longer term, it’s going to take voters at the ballot box banning together to say, “enough is enough.” Just like they did in Virginia this week.