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Mask Mandates for Air Travel

If you’re wondering when the Biden Administration will back off mask mandates for air travel, the answer is sometime before the November election.

I don’t mean to sound flippant about it, but that’s the answer.

At some strategic, well-choreographed moment between now and November, unelected government bureaucrats at the CDC will unravel that agency’s mask guidelines for air travel. And right on cue, the White House will champion that announcement as a victory.

Friends, Congress never authorized a mask mandate for air travel, and the CDC was never given the authority to issue it. That’s our contention in this lawsuit, which I’m a part of.

Nobody’s saying you can’t wear a mask! If you’re concerned about others around you and want to throw on an N95, fine. If you have an underlying health concern, then by all means, do what you feel is appropriate to protect yourself!

But we are DONE with government bureaucrats trying to force their will on everyone. Most of these ill-advised mandates have been rolled back across the nation. For those that remain, like for air travel, it’s time to litigate.