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None of These Measures Get to the Root of the Matter

Tonight, Democrats will pass a wide variety of gun control measures in the House of Representatives. All restricting 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.  All arguably unconstitutional.

I’m voting NO along with most of my Republican colleagues.

None of these measures get to the root of the matter. None of these so-called “common sense” proposals deal with what’s causing violence in this country. Instead, these are feel-good efforts of questionable value, and I’m simply not going to vote to chip away at our Constitutional rights!

This entire evening is actually an exercise in futility by House Democrats.  All these individual bills will be packaged together and sent over to the Senate for consideration, where it has almost no chance of reaching the 60-vote threshold to go anywhere.  (The Senate is said to be working on their own plan, which we’ll have to keep an eye on.)

*** I will, however, be voting YES on a related matter tonight…

Later this evening, we (Republicans) will try to alter this gun control package by replacing the text with legislation that would send funding to states for school resource officers and mental health counselors, as well as help tighten school security.

You know… things that could have actually helped prevent these recent tragedies.

Furthermore, our bill would be fully paid for by offsets from unused state & local Covid funds. I’ll be voting YES on that, but don’t hold your breath; it’s likely to be defeated by the Democrat majority.