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Huge Win from the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Huge win moments ago from the Supreme Court, which just issued a major ruling on the 2nd Amendment.  The Court struck down a New York state law that requires citizens show “proper cause” in order to apply for and receive a concealed carry permit.  That law has now been ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Essentially this decision says that you, as a private citizen, have a constitutional right to carry a weapon outside your home for the purpose of self-defense.  

This is a **critical** ruling.  Several states like New York, Maryland, and others require that citizens demonstrate a "need" for concealed carry before they can receive a permit. Today the Court says that policy is unlawful.


To be clear, the Court has *not* struck down the concealed carry permitting process for New York or any other state. Instead, it's just said that New York (and likely other states) cannot limit concealed carry permits to those who demonstrate their lives are in jeopardy.