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Thankfully We’ll Never Have To Know

  • Elisjsha Dicken

On Sunday, a lone gunman began opening fire in the food court of a shopping mall in Greenwood, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis.  Police say he fired 24 rounds within two minutes, killing three and injuring two others. Nobody knows why, nor does it matter at this point.

Nearby was Elisjsha Dicken, pictured here, who took quick action to stop the gunman. Elisjsha was legally armed and carrying his own weapon under Indiana’s Constitutional Carry laws.

Thank God.

“I will say his actions were nothing short of heroic,” said the Greenwood, Indiana police chief. “He engaged the gunman from quite a distance with a handgun. (He) was very tactically sound as he moved to close in on the suspect. (Elisjsha) was also motioning for people to exit behind him. He has no police training and no military background.”

🚨 This is a hero who was willing & able to confront a lunatic bent on mass murder. How many more people might have died had Elisjsha been prohibited from carrying a weapon?

Thankfully we’ll never have to know.