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Concerns About Biden's Top Lieutenants

Should someone who worked to undermine ICE be allowed to now lead that agency? Or what about someone who worked as a gun control lobbyist – should that person be nominated to lead the ATF?

At any large organization, it’s the top lieutenants who drive the boss’ directives. Such is the case with the Executive Branch of our federal government, and that’s why it’s important we know about those who President Biden nominates to lead various agencies and departments.

Take Ed Gonzalez, for example, who Mr. Biden has tapped to lead Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The mission of ICE is to protect our nation from cross-border crime and illegal immigration. Yet while serving as sheriff of Harris County (Texas) Mr. Gonzalez spent years fighting ICE! As sheriff, he refused to cooperate with ICE’s requests to notify them of illegal immigrants in custody. He actively opposed a state law that would prohibit sanctuary cities in Texas. And he even prohibited his deputies from helping ICE with their immigration raids.

Or look at David Chipman, who Mr. Biden has nominated to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). As a former ATF agent turned gun control advocate, Mr. Chipman has openly supported controversial measures that would infringe upon our 2nd Amendment rights.

And for the bonus round, look at Biden’s new energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who appears to have embraced elements of the Green New Deal and whose goals would ultimately make our energy costs SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive. And who, by the way, has a multimillion-dollar financial stake in an electric battery and vehicle manufacturer that Biden has been promoting.

We have to assume those tapped to lead these departments reflect – at least in large part – the President’s vision for our nation. It’s rather alarming.