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One-Way Ticket to a Socialistic Welfare State

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The agenda outlined by President Biden on Wednesday night is a one-way ticket to a socialistic welfare state with astronomical taxes, and government encroaching on every aspect of our lives. His vision for our nation involves growing the size of almost every corner of the federal government. (With the exception of our military, to nobody’s surprise.) There’s simply no room to talk about “unity” an... Read more »

It’s Not Incompetence. It’s Deliberately Strategic.

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Here’s something to ponder: President Biden obviously didn’t campaign on creating a massive surge of illegal immigrants. But what if he had? What if Candidate Joe Biden had promised the American people total chaos along the southern border, a demoralized Border Patrol, thousands of unaccompanied children, and a renewed humanitarian crisis? ➡️ How would he have fulfilled that sinister yet hypotheti... Read more »

Rep. Norman Leads SC Republican Delegation in Letter to AG Wilson Concerning Illegal Immigration

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On Wednesday, Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-5) led the Republican South Carolina delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives in a letter to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson. This letter concerns President Biden’s policies on border security, the surge in illegal immigration since the President won election, and the effects these two things are having on South Carolina. Specifically, this le... Read more »

Democrats' Endgame of Illegal Immigration

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I flew back to D.C. yesterday after getting a firsthand look at the new crisis along our southern border. It’s bad. In fact, it’s incomprehensible. We met with border patrol agents who are now overworked, overwhelmed, and stretched dangerously thin. On top of patrolling hundreds of miles of the border, they’re also doubling as daycare workers for record numbers of unaccompanied children whose par... Read more »

Rep. Norman Visits Southern Border in Texas and New Mexico

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This week, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) joined other members from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform along the southern border in Texas and New Mexico to examine the new border crisis. During the trip, Rep. Norman toured Border Patrol Station #1, the El Paso Processing Center, and the Santa Teresa Port of Entry. He also toured portions of the border wall where construction has ceased followin... Read more »

Down Along the Southern Border

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Today (Monday) I’m down along the southern border in Texas and New Mexico to meet with border officials and get a first-hand understanding of the crisis caused by President Biden’s immigration policies. I’ll post more information about this trip soon. Remember: President Trump also faced a surge of illegal immigration back in 2019. Three of the major causes of that included: (A) Trump’s booming e... Read more »

An "Undisclosed East Room Session"

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REPORT: “President Biden recently held an undisclosed East Room session with historians that included discussion of how big is too big — and how fast is too fast — to jam through once-in-a-lifetime historic changes to America.” This was the leading paragraph of a news article this morning predicting what’s to come. Naturally the question is, what other “historic changes” could they have been talki... Read more »

The Biggest Surge in 20 Years

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EVERY BIT of the renewed problems along our southern border is the doing of Joe Biden and congressional Democrats. This is 100% on them. We are now facing the biggest surge of illegal immigration in the last 20 years, according to the Dept. of Homeland Security. The resulting humanitarian crisis, the $86 million now being spent on HOTEL ROOMS for some detainees, the inundated Border Patrol, the d... Read more »

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