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National Security

REPLAY: Joint Tele-Town Hall w/ Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons

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A very special thanks to Congressman Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! The three of us hosted an incredible joint tele-town hall on April 5th, with tens of thousands of constituents joining us on the phone from back home in South Carolina. There were many great questions about inflation, illegal immigration, Ukraine, and other issues facing our country. You can catch a full replay…

Upcoming Tele-Town Hall on April 5th

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Please make your calendar for Tuesday, April 5th at 6:00 PM ET for a special live telephone town hall.  Joining me will be two other congressman from South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. William Timmons! During this call, we'll be discussing the important domestic issues facing our country, including rising inflation, increases in violent crime, and alarming…

A Russian Nuclear Plant in Iran

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Terrible decisions are being made by the White House concerning Iran. I’m so tired of this ineptness. Everyone needs at least a 30,000’ view of what happening with Iran and how President Biden is handling this situation. Here’s what’s going on… (1) Iran desperately wants nuclear weapons. Despite what Iran’s sympathizers claim, nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian regime would…

One Missed Opportunity After Another

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Did any of you watch the State of the Union earlier tonight? It was a spin job like no other. Not to beat a dead horse, but inflation is at a 40 year high under Biden's watch. His policies have enabled & encouraged more than 2 million people to illegally cross our border in the last year. Violent crime is rising. We're now $30 trillion in national debt, while he wants trillions more…

Add One More No Vote to My Growing Tally

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There was a lady sitting towards the back of the room at my town hall a couple months ago in York County. She appeared rather upset over the number of bills I’d voted against in Congress… ever since Democrats took control of the House. In fact, she seemed to know the exact number! You know, as if my purpose in Congress should be to rubber stamp the Democrats’ socialist agenda. Clearly to…

What's Happening Here?

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Despite what we were previously told by President Biden, yesterday we learned during Senate testimony that military commanders DID, in fact, advise Biden (and Trump) to keep at small contingency force in Afghanistan. They knew it would be necessary to keep the Taliban marginalized, help maintain peace in that region, and support our various intelligence operations. But wait…! Remember…

An Exhausting Week, but Well Worth It

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Summer 2021 Town Halls

It's been an exhausting week, but well worth it. We just wrapped up a series of in-person town halls all over the district, and I want to thank the hundreds of people who showed up. It was great to see and hear from so many folks! Also a special thanks to Rep. William Timmons who joined me in Spartanburg, the dozens of law enforcement officers who kept us all safe, and all the venues…

Town Halls Next Week

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I'll be hosting seven (7) live, in-person town halls next week all throughout the congressional district. If you're interested in a legislative update from Congress and an opportunity to ask questions, this is your chance! Here's a link to my events page with details. We have a wide range of starting times, between noon and 5:30 PM, and a wide variety of venues. If you can't make it to…

Free Flow of Sensitive and Classified Research

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A man named Anming Hu was arrested and is to face trial for wire fraud and lying to U.S. authorities. He was a scientist at the Univ. of Tennessee, participating in federally funded research on nanotechnologies. The problem, however, is that he was also privately running a similar operation over in China. He's accused of hiding this inconvenient fact from U.S. authorities. All this…