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Inflation: a Real and Growing Concern

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Prices are rising almost everywhere these days, and inflation is now a real & growing concern. Three points to remember on this: 1️⃣ First, everywhere you see higher prices, there are likely several factors. For example, our grocery and food prices are certainly on the way up. Adverse weather, the fact that we’re exporting more to other nations, an uptick in travel (40% of our corn production goe... Read more »

A Terrible Way To Treat Our Vaccine Companies

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We can now add **patent theft** to the growing list of horrible policy decisions by President Biden. This is bad news on multiple levels. Here’s what’s going on… Last week, Mr. Biden came out in support of canceling the intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines developed here in the United States. In other words, he wants companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson to lose their pa... Read more »

No Moral Equivalent Between Israel and Hamas

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There is absolutely NO moral equivalent between Israel and Hamas. None. This latest escalation comes on the heels of Palestinian riots in Jerusalem. They’ve been rioting over property rights in one particular Jerusalem neighborhood. It’s actually part of litigation that’s working its way through Israel’s Supreme Court. Not content with the legal process, Hamas took it upon themselves to launch a m... Read more »

Critical Race Theory: A Twisted and Vile Philosophy

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Critical Race Theory is a twisted and vile philosophy. Unfortunately, it’s gaining some traction in this current era of “wokeness” and virtue signaling. It’s actually rooted in Marxism, so let’s start there… In overly simplistic terms, Marxism contends that there’s a struggle between “classes” of people. For example, those who are wealthy vs. those who aren’t. Or business owners vs. the workers th... Read more »

Questionable CDC Guidelines on Children's Camps

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Enough of this!! The federal guidelines for children's camps this summer are utterly ABSURD. Just read some of this drivel from the CDC: ❌ "Sports and athletic activities should be done outdoors, wearing a mask." ❌ "Campers should avoid playing close-contact or indoor sports." ❌ "Discourage sharing of items that are difficult to clean." Do these people even have children?! First of all, EVERYTHING... Read more »

No Surprise: Big Government Exacerbates the Problem

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Have you noticed how many businesses lately are SEVERELY understaffed? Especially companies that were hit hard by the Coronavirus but are now seeing a sharp uptick in demand now that our economy is getting back on its feet. This includes restaurants, manufacturers, service companies, construction firms, and businesses in many other sectors. Let’s talk about some of the reasons why. First, it’s cle... Read more »

Concerns About Biden's Top Lieutenants

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Should someone who worked to undermine ICE be allowed to now lead that agency? Or what about someone who worked as a gun control lobbyist – should that person be nominated to lead the ATF? At any large organization, it’s the top lieutenants who drive the boss’ directives. Such is the case with the Executive Branch of our federal government, and that’s why it’s important we know about those who Pre... Read more »

Calculated Lies

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It’s a calculated lie when President Biden tells you his border crisis was inherited from President Trump. By calculated, I mean he knows the media WILL NEVER hold him to account on this issue. So he can bank on more people being persuaded by a false narrative rather than the actual facts: ◾ Trump didn’t campaign on a relaxed approach to border security. Trump didn’t stop building his own border w... Read more »

One-Way Ticket to a Socialistic Welfare State

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The agenda outlined by President Biden on Wednesday night is a one-way ticket to a socialistic welfare state with astronomical taxes, and government encroaching on every aspect of our lives. His vision for our nation involves growing the size of almost every corner of the federal government. (With the exception of our military, to nobody’s surprise.) There’s simply no room to talk about “unity” an... Read more »

Nauseating Odor in York and Lancaster Counties

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Here’s a screenshot of locations in eastern York County and Lancaster County where recent odor complaints have been filed with SC DHEC. This is a terrible smell that’s been going on for months. It’s literally made some people sick, and everyone affected is fed up. For background information for those who may not be familiar, SC DHEC has identified the New Indy Containerboard facility in Catawba, ... Read more »

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