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Just Another Political Power Grab

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The so-called “Equality Act” is up for a vote again this afternoon. (H.R. 5). This bill isn’t about equality at all – it’s about advancing the radically liberal agenda. And I’ll be voting AGAINST it in just a few minutes. Here’s why: We could start with some easy layups, like this bill making end-runs around parents when it comes to their children receiving life-altering (and often irreversible) ... Read more »

No Friend of Ours

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The communist government of China is no friend of ours. They’re working every possible angle to exploit various aspects of our economy, steal our intellectual property, and create a one-way reliance on their country which they intend to leverage for political and military gain. Three quick updates on this communist regime: FIRST, finally some good news out of the White House. President Biden has ... Read more »

Spewing Trillions of Dollars All Over the Place

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This week, the House is considering yet another coronavirus spending bill. This will be in addition to the $4 TRILLION that’s already been allocated. Never mind that more than a trillion of that hasn’t even been spent yet – Democrats want to add another $1.9 trillion to the tab. Remember all this coronavirus money is borrowed from our children – we don’t have this sitting around somewhere in a ra... Read more »

Earmarks: More Dysfunction on Top of a Broken System

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It looks like Democrats want to bring back earmarks. Does everyone remember those? Let’s back up just a minute and talk about “appropriations” in Congress, which is the process of allocating your tax dollars to specific government functions. The Constitution places this responsibility directly on Congress. Every year in the House, we’re supposed to craft 12 appropriations bills – each one covering... Read more »

A Figurative Train Wreck

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You’ll probably hear a lot in the coming weeks about a dreadful bill in the House known as H.R. 1. This is the Democrats’ signature piece of legislation this Congress – hence their designation as H.R. #1. Informally it’s known as the “For the People Act.” Because who would ever vote against something that’s “for the people,” right? Well, I’ll be voting against this atrocity because it’s not “for ... Read more »

Why Minimum Wages Should Be a State Issue

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Let’s talk about why a $15/hour minimum wage is inappropriate at the federal level. This is relevant right now because Democrats just rammed a $15/hr. federal minimum wage through a House committee. They want to mandate that businesses pay a minimum of $15, and are trying to bake that requirement into their next massive stimulus bill. (Which we can’t afford, but more on that later.) Recently, the... Read more »

Good News, but With Some Concerns

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Good news, but with some concerns... Starting tomorrow (Monday), South Carolinians aged 65 and older will be able to schedule appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine. Previously, the age group was 70 and older. While SC DHEC has a website (see link below) and a toll-free phone number (866) 365-8110, you **cannot** actually schedule an appointment using either of these two resources. The SC DHEC web... Read more »

Comply or Be Silenced

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We don’t have a right NOT to be offended. Nobody’s entitled to being sheltered or protected from things they dislike or disagree with. Most conservatives inherently understand this. Our choice in these situations is either to ignore that individual, or better yet, engage with our own ideas and our own thoughts. In other words, in these situations, “the remedy to be applied is MORE speech, not enf... Read more »

Officer Brian Sicknick

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He was a hero, just like EVERY man and woman who walks the "thin blue line." Only this particular hero made the ultimate sacrifice. Officer Brian Sicknick sustained grave injuries on January 6th while protecting the Capitol from criminal rioters. Despite the best efforts of EMTs, doctors and nurses, he succumbed to those injuries a day later. Earlier this morning, I introduced a bill in the House... Read more »

Save Parris Island

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Later this (Thursday) morning, we're going to re-introduce a bill in the House that will prevent the closure of Parris Island, the preeminent training base for U.S. Marine Corps recruits. Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-2) and I introduced this same bill last October. However, a new term in Congress means the bill must be re-introduced, and we're both pleased to have every Republican in the South Carolina de... Read more »

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