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Add One More No Vote to My Growing Tally

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There was a lady sitting towards the back of the room at my town hall a couple months ago in York County. She appeared rather upset over the number of bills I’d voted against in Congress… ever since Democrats took control of the House. In fact, she seemed to know the exact number! You know, as if my purpose in Congress should be to rubber stamp the Democrats’ socialist agenda. Clearly to…

An Exhausting Week, but Well Worth It

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Summer 2021 Town Halls

It's been an exhausting week, but well worth it. We just wrapped up a series of in-person town halls all over the district, and I want to thank the hundreds of people who showed up. It was great to see and hear from so many folks! Also a special thanks to Rep. William Timmons who joined me in Spartanburg, the dozens of law enforcement officers who kept us all safe, and all the venues…

Town Halls Next Week

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I'll be hosting seven (7) live, in-person town halls next week all throughout the congressional district. If you're interested in a legislative update from Congress and an opportunity to ask questions, this is your chance! Here's a link to my events page with details. We have a wide range of starting times, between noon and 5:30 PM, and a wide variety of venues. If you can't make it to…

One-Way Ticket to a Socialistic Welfare State

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The agenda outlined by President Biden on Wednesday night is a one-way ticket to a socialistic welfare state with astronomical taxes, and government encroaching on every aspect of our lives.  His vision for our nation involves growing the size of almost every corner of the federal government. (With the exception of our military, to nobody’s surprise.) There’s simply no room to talk…

Introducing the Property Rights Protection Act of 2019

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As soon as I get back to Washington this afternoon, I’ll be filing a new bill called the Property Rights Protection Act of 2019. It’s not complicated, but let’s get a few definitions out of the way first… An “endangered species” is one that faces extinction unless action is taken to save it. Meanwhile, a “threatened species” is not endangered, but has seen some decline in recent decades…

U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman Issues Statement on the Passage of the USMCA

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On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman issued the following statement after voting in favor of the USMCA: "Ultimately what the USMCA does is help level the playing field for trade between the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  The result will be more than half a million new American jobs, higher wages for our workers, and more opportunities for U.S. businesses. "Although…

House Passage of the USMCA

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Nancy Pelosi finally allowed the House to vote on the USMCA trade agreement today. The deal represents a major victory for President Trump, which is the primary reason this vote had been subject to months of unnecessary delays.   While there are numerous provisions within the USMCA, ultimately what it does is help level the playing field for trade between our three…

It's Amnesty, Pure and Simple

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It’s amnesty, pure and simple. I’m talking about the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act,” which I voted against yesterday. What a great title, right? This bill would grant something called “certified agriculture worker” status to illegal immigrants who have been working unlawfully in our agriculture industry. Anyone who has broken our immigration laws to work in the ag industry for at…