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Liberal Spending Packages

Christmas Came a Little Early This Year

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Christmas came a little early this year!  1️⃣ The socialist “Build Back Broke” legislation stalled out yesterday.  2️⃣ Separately, the Senate Parliamentarian ruled, again, that Democrats could not include amnesty in that legislation.  And 3️⃣ Biden backed off trying to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each in “legal settlements.” All of this is promising news heading into…

"Build Back Broke"

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I was a resounding NO vote just moments ago. In fact, every Republican voted NO. But Democrats in the House still managed to ram through their massive socialist spending spree. (What they laughably call the “Build Back Better” plan.) I will never understand the thinking of those who support this bill. It is the most irresponsible and liberal legislation we’ve seen in decades. Want…

Two Simple Questions Ought To Guide Every Vote in Congress

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It’s like spending $75 on a hamburger because you really like the restaurant’s pickles. You’d never do that, but for some reason, you’re supposed to applaud the government spending over a trillion dollars on a so-called “infrastructure” bill the week before last, which had only a pickel’s worth of spending on actual infrastructure.   Two simple questions ought to guide…

Conning the American Public

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Printing Money

Last night, we received an alarming update on the projected costs of the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” plan. Remember this is the next round of massive, multi-trillion-dollar, socialist spending they’re trying to ram through Congress while they still can. As I covered in my post Sunday night, Democrats have intentionally manipulated this legislation by adding sham expiration dates to…

Hopefully It Fails

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It was only a week ago that Nancy Pelosi managed to twist enough arms to pass a massive $1.2 trillion spending bill. That legislation had a small amount of appropriate infrastructure spending, but a TON of unnecessary waste and government overreach. It should have never passed the House, but thirteen Republicans – approx. 6% of total Republicans in the House – helped Democrats push it…

“Ralph, what are you doing to stop all this?”

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I voted NO last night, just like I promised. For those who are interested, here’s a quick & simple summary of what happened yesterday in the House of Representatives on the two massive tax & spend proposals.   Remember we’re talking about two separate bills. Bill #1 has been dubbed the “infrastructure bill.” It has over $1 trillion that deals with infrastructure…

Add One More No Vote to My Growing Tally

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There was a lady sitting towards the back of the room at my town hall a couple months ago in York County. She appeared rather upset over the number of bills I’d voted against in Congress… ever since Democrats took control of the House. In fact, she seemed to know the exact number! You know, as if my purpose in Congress should be to rubber stamp the Democrats’ socialist agenda. Clearly to…

Let's Talk Details

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Washington Storm

Let’s talk details. This is a long post, I know, but it’s important for everyone to understand just how bad the Democrats’ massive tax & spend package is going to be. Remember, this bill isn’t even finalized yet. I’ve linked to their initial version below. As of now, this is a 2,465-page monster that will expand cradle-to-grave government dependence, make inflation worse, and put our…

They Own It

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I flew up to Washington earlier today in order to vote NO this evening on raising the debt limit. I'm done with spending RECKLESS amounts of money. I'm done with raising the ceiling each time the federal government reaches its borrowing limit. I'm done with the complacency on government waste, and this SICK mentality that it's somehow okay to kneecap our future generations with debt…

On This Point, Bernie Sanders Is Spot On

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I disagree with just about every word that comes out of Bernie Sanders' mouth. But on this comment he made just a few minutes ago, the socialist Senator from Vermont is spot on: "It is an absurd way to do business," he said, "to be negotiating a multitrillion dollar bill a few minutes before a major vote with virtually nobody knowing what's going on. That's unacceptable." In this late…