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No Friend of Ours

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The communist government of China is no friend of ours. They’re working every possible angle to exploit various aspects of our economy, steal our intellectual property, and create a one-way reliance on their country which they intend to leverage for political and military gain. Three quick updates on this communist regime: FIRST, finally some good news out of the White House. President Biden has ... Read more »

No Surprises Here

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No surprises here. Let’s run through some of President Biden’s executive orders during his first week in office. These are campaign promises he’s making good on – we knew they’d be coming. PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT: It’s basically a sham. There’s no objective standard – each country gets to define what it wants to do. Countries can lie six ways from Sunday about whether they’re actually reaching th... Read more »

More Fallout from Day One

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More fallout from Day #1 of the Biden Administration. We need some quick answers on this. One of the things Mr. Biden did last week was place a 100-day moratorium on most deportations. Over 14,000 illegal immigrants had been in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”). Of those, more than 70% have either been charged with, or convicted of, other crimes. (By “other” I mean i... Read more »

Rep. Norman Leads Charge to Secure U.S. Colleges and Universities from Foreign Threats

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In response to a bi-partisan charge led by Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) is now taking action to help secure our nation’s colleges and universities from foreign threats. In February 2020, Rep. Norman and Rep. Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) led 51 members of Congress in a letter to DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf expressing concern over the closure of the Homeland... Read more »

Replay of July 30, 2020 Telephone Town Hall

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Below is a full replay of my telephone town hall, which took place on Thursday, July 30th. During this call, I covered a wide variety of issues including our COVID-19 response, our economy and jobs, our federal spending and national debt, along with several other important topics. Read more »

Mixed Results From the Supreme Court This Week

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Earlier this week, the Supreme Court delivered two decisions that were very important. I believe one was outstanding, while another was terrible. === GOOD NEWS FIRST === There was a BIG win yesterday for religious schools, and those who value religious liberties and our First Amendment. Back in 2015, Montana established a program that provided a tax credit for those parents who wanted to send the... Read more »

The Leading Mouthpiece for Beijing

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In 2003, when the contagious 'SARS' pandemic spread from China, the World Health Organization (WHO) had the courage and the moral authority to criticize that regime's cover-up. Since then, something has happened to transform this organization from global health guardian... to the leading mouthpiece for Beijing. We need to know what that something is. Here's an excerpt from the letter I co-signed y... Read more »

Unlike Any Other State of the Union Address

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Two totally different worlds – two completely different mindsets – were on full display last night. It was unlike any other State of the Union address I’ve seen, either in person or on TV. There were a couple of themes to the President’s address. First, he took a well-deserved victory lap on numerous fronts: from the economy & trade to our military & war on terror. We must always continue to find ... Read more »

How Leverage Works

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Lost in much of the news coverage last week was that the U.S. signed Phase One of a new trade deal with China. More on that in a moment. First let’s remember we've had major problems with that country, ranging from unfair trade practices to rampant intellectual property theft. It’s critical we recognize that China would have been nowhere near the negotiating table were it not for President Trump’s... Read more »

But Nothing

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It is truly mind-blowing to listen to Democrats’ reaction to last week’s elimination of a murderous terrorist. Statements like: “Yes, Qassem Soleimani was a terrorist but…” ❌ …but it might cause Iran to retaliate ❌ …but we didn’t have a right to strike him on Iraqi soil. ❌ …but we don’t know how imminent the attacks on our troops would have been. ❌ …but President Trump didn’t let Democrat leadersh... Read more »

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