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Remembering Pearl Harbor

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Today we remember one of the darkest days in our country’s history - the attack on Pearl Harbor. For the countless men and women who lost their lives on December 7, 1941 and in the years that followed into WWII, our debt of gratitude to your sacrifice can never be repaid. We honor you today and everyday. The fallout of the wreckage can still be seen in the harbor even now, 81 years later.…

Behind the Eight Ball

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Just a quick update from Washington on this Tuesday morning. In keeping with traditional government incompetence, we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year – and the end of this term of Congress – with major hurdles that still need to be cleared. One of those hurdles is government funding. As things stand right now, the federal government is funded only through December…

A Major Burden on Many Innocent Taxpayers

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If you use Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, or any other platform used to send people money electronically, this post is for you. By the end of January, you will likely receive an IRS 1099-K form if someone has sent you more than $600 during the 2022 tax year using one of these “third-party facilitators” like Venmo, PayPal, etc. For those who aren’t aware, a 1099-K is essentially a payment…

Failed Energy Policies

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We need to talk about how utterly foolish this President’s energy policies are. Here’s the headline from Sunday: “Biden gives Chevron permit to restart Venezuelan oil sales.” Let’s unpack this a little. Americans are paying 17.5% more for gasoline over the last year. Fuel oil (used for heating) is up 68.5%. Total energy costs are up 17.6%. These numbers are directly from the U.S.…

Update on Biden's Student Loan "Forgiveness" Program

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As promised, here’s a brief update on President Biden’s effort to transfer other people’s student loan debts to you, the taxpayers. Remember I was all over this issue last spring and summer, calling it unfair, unethical, and illegal. I’m not unsympathetic to those who have student loans. But for those who borrowed money from the federal government and spent it on an education – which…

Thank you!

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Real quick - it's been a busy week but I just wanted to say what an HONOR it is to have been re-elected to serve another term as your congressman. Friends, we're battling skyrocketing inflation, record levels of illegal immigration, rising violent crime, military recruitment shortages, a fentanyl crisis, a disastrous foreign policy, a wide range of far-left legislation, unsustainable…

Dwindling Diesel Fuel Reserves

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Concerning diesel fuel supplies, many people have reached out to my congressional office worried about this issue. This is another longer post with a lot of information, but here’s what you need to know: Right now, the U.S. has approximately 25 days’ worth of diesel reserves. Friends, that does NOT mean our nation will exhaust its diesel supply in 25 days. Please do not fall for those…

Children, COVID Vaccines, and What the CDC Just Did

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This post is about children, Covid vaccines, and what the CDC (Center for Disease Control) just did earlier this week. This is a longer post, I’m sorry, but I’m concerned about this issue and people need to know what’s going on here. 🔶 First, a little background information: Parents are almost certainly familiar with vaccine schedules for their children. A vaccine schedule is a…

Federal Agencies as Voter Registration Organizations?

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Through executive order, President Biden has tasked federal agencies — led by his political appointees — with "promoting access to voting."   On what planet is that appropriate?!   There is no provision in the Constitution that permits the President to use federal agencies as voter registration organizations. Furthermore, federal employees carrying out his order…

September's Bleak CPI Report

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With fresh data from September released earlier this morning, inflation remains bad.  The Consumer Price Index rose 8.2% over the last year, which is a 40-year high. That means on average, the same goods & services you purchased last month cost 8.2% more than they did in September of last year.  And don’t forget, Sept. 2021 was already 5.4% higher than Sept.…