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Good News Going Into Thanksgiving Week

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Some good news going into Thanksgiving week for South Carolina. It was recently reported that last month, our state’s unemployment rate dropped down to 4.2%. For context, 4.2% is just a couple points higher than the historic low South Carolina set back in January, before COVID hit. (4.2% is also better than all 96 months of the Obama Administration, for those who understand that political policie... Read more »

Additional COVID Relief

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Liberals argue that Republican should capitulate here. They say we should agree to TRILLIONS in additional debt to cover things like bailouts for mismanaged local governments, and supplements that make it more lucrative to stay on unemployment rather than accept a suitable job. They call us “evil” when we dare question the sanity of their broad spending, yet they won’t even allow the House to con... Read more »

Movement in the Right Direction

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Some good news this morning, as new unemployment claims beat expectations last week. If you don’t care for the details, at least do me a favor and skip down to read the last two paragraphs of this post. Here’s the latest… Jobless claims are reported weekly by the U.S. Department of Labor. We watch these reports closely because they often represent a near real-time indicator of our nation’s job ma... Read more »

A Temporary Safety Net, Not a Pay Raise

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Lots of competing ideas right now about unemployment benefits. I realize this is a lengthy post, but if you just want the high-level points, look for the blue diamonds 🔹 below. 🔹 One of the recent coronavirus bills passed by Congress, the CARES Act, provided an additional $600 per week in unemployment compensation. That’s in addition to what someone was already eligible to receive. Let’s unpacka... Read more »

Replay of July 30, 2020 Telephone Town Hall

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Below is a full replay of my telephone town hall, which took place on Thursday, July 30th. During this call, I covered a wide variety of issues including our COVID-19 response, our economy and jobs, our federal spending and national debt, along with several other important topics. Read more »

More Good News for SC

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More good news... About two weeks ago, I shared the national jobs report for June. It was OUTSTANDING, with 4.8 million jobs being restored in June, according to the Labor Department. That was nationally, which of course begs the question: How are we doing here in South Carolina? Well, we now have that data, and it too is very encouraging. According to a report released yesterday from the SC Dept.... Read more »

A Predictable Problem

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If someone had been earning up to $48,000 annually, but is now receiving unemployment benefits during this pandemic, that individual is currently pulling in MORE money on unemployment than he or she did while working. $48K is the approximate threshold here in South Carolina. (Individual cases vary, obviously.) So why is this happening? Why are roughly half of those on unemployment now earning more... Read more »

Safely Reopening America

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Here’s the debate: (A) Should we be taking measured, reasonable steps to re-open America and get people safely back to work, knowing this path must be monitored very closely and isn’t without some risk? Or (B) should we extend efforts to keep Americans at home and “non-essential” businesses closed, knowing the financial damage this will cause to American families and our economy? The truth is the ... Read more »

A Conversation with Lt. Governor Pamela Evette

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Lt. Governor Pamela Evette is such an incredible asset for South Carolina. It was a pleasure to speak with her by video conference on May 12th. She had excellent insight into topics like: South Carolina’s plan for a safe, reasonable, phased re-opening Our state’s resources and PPE supplies Coordination with North Carolina (since several counties in the 5th district border NC) The importance of our... Read more »

When someone proposes an 1,800 page bill...

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When someone proposes a 1,800-page bill that 1️⃣ was negotiated in secret 2️⃣ will cost more than $3 trillion dollars, before we even understand the impact of earlier expenditures 3️⃣ has more than 70 appropriations in excess of a billion dollars each 4️⃣ contains countless partisan measures that are completely unrelated to the bill’s stated purpose 5️⃣ has no chance of ever becoming law… Co... Read more »

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